Mint for 0.05 ETH

Only for WL

No crazy roadmap with games, merch or anything like that. Only 5,000 Neko Darumas.

4980 — Generative Neko Darumas, 10 — Legendary Neko Darumas (1/1), 10 — Collaborations with artists.

Collaboration with Artists

Collabs with artists were put up for auction on April 18, 2022

  • Andreas

  • Jeremy Pires

  • Hubuluck

  • Arya Mularama

  • Pere Rodriguez

  • Julien Rivoire

  • MechNuggets

  • Nook

  • Matthisdraws

  • Coming soon
  • Legendary Neko Darumas

    Currently revealed only 1 of 10

  • Evil

  • Zombie

  • Wise

  • Tiger

  • Skeleton

  • Samurai

  • Mecha

  • Maneki

  • Lab

  • Golden
  • Which collections give access to WL?

    All holders of this collections until April 11, 2022 already in Whitelist:

    A.N.I.M.O Aryamularama Generation: Habibi Habibis Habibis editions Hubuluck (FND) Jeremy Pires (FND) Pigment Trading Cards Raccoonnook (FND) Smoochies Transmissions909 Unlucky Cats Visions909 ilyakazakov (OS) Metaverse Creatures Popsiki Lucky Spirit Cards ilyakazakov (FND)

    Another way to get WL?

    Easiest way is buying Neko Daruma on secondary, then verifying role in discord and participate in raffles in special channel — #neko-events


    Ilya Kazakov

    Derek Andrews